Greenlee 02626, 930Xc-30F-Apc-Fc Domain Reflectometer

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Greenlee, 02626, 930XC-30F-APC-FC Domain Reflectometer The Greenlee Communications fiberTOOLS™ 930XC instruments are handheld Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) for measuring the specifications of single-mode or multi-mode optical fiber

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Additional features Large LCD display with auto or manual adjustment of contrast

Auto off function to conserve battery life

Backlight LCD display supports night operation

Backscattering is also the only effective way of connector inspection, which can be applied to measure the length of optical fiber

Basic Applications Measure the length of optical fiber and cable

DC/AC power supply OTDR Cable Acceptance Report Generation OTDR Operation Modes Instrument Setup Auto mode selects optimal distance range and pulsewidth All settings selected through easy to use menu selections Short pulsewidth 5ns available for high-resolution measurements Color and high intensity monochrome settings for bright sunlight conditions Complete control of fiber analysis settings for auto measurement of splice and end of fiber OTDR Trace View and measure test results One button measurement of distance and loss information Event View Mode

Display distribution curve of optical fiber and cable loss

Drop-tested from 2m, impact resistant and built to perform GR-196 certified BellCore standard required by major Telcos Operational and within specification after a simulated dust storm EMI resistant as per GR-1089

Easy operation with trace graphic display

Easy to read, even in low or bright lighting conditions Up to 38 dB dynamic range Probe longer cables and see smaller reflections Measure lengths and defects Quickly locates faults Cable acceptance reports Generate customized reports that include trace signature and fiber events Long life battery

For a specific event transmission quality changed due to faults caused by fusion splicing, connector, bending, etc. , the following measurements can be carried out For each event Distance, loss, and reflection

For each section of optical fiber Length and loss of dB or dB/unit length

For the whole optical fiber chain Length and loss of dB

Greenlee rsquo s 930XC handheld OTDRs can make an assessment of one single optical fiber or a whole optical fiber chain

In addition, the user can directly observe loss and events distribution of an optical fiber chain

Includes Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Rechargeable battery OTDR Trace Viewer software Installation disk Data transfer cable AC adapter Protective cover Carrying case Warranty card Certificate of calibration Features One button test functions Start measurements with the push of one button Autotest Automatically sets test parameters for optimum test results Live fiber testing

Locate faults and ruptures of optical fiber and cable

Measure attenuation coefficient of optical fiber and cable

Measure loss between two points on optical fiber and cable

Measure loss of tie-ins

Measure reflection of reflection events of optical fiber and cable

Measure the distance between two points on optical fiber and cable

Page through each loss event for location in meters/miles and feet and loss in dB Manual Measurement Mode

Perform manual measurement with A and B cursor for distance, loss and reflectance measurements Measurement Setup

RS-232 and USB data upload ports

Standard organizations like the International Telecom Union ITU define backscatter as an effective analysis means to measure optical fiber loss

Tests live fibers without disrupting live services Graphical interface

The 930XC OTDRs operate by reviewing events in optical fiber for example, irregularities and connectors

The 930XC tools check the transmission quality of optical fiber through the measurement of backscatter

The 930XC-30F can measure live optical fibers at 1625 nm

These tools can help identify irregularities in optical fiber, locate them, and measure their attenuation, relevant loss, and homogeneity These tools are easy-to-use, small, and compact with large LCD displays and graphical interfaces

They can save and transfer the measurement curves data to a PC by using the provided Trace Viewer software for further analyzing, reporting, and printing

Trace Viewer software for analyzing and reporting previously stored data

Trace storage function

View settings used for auto measurement of events Hi-Resolution Event Viewing Easy to view and measure in high-resolution mode One button to jump to high-resolution view One button jump back to entire trace view 0.1 meter sampling resolution Active cursor snaps to the next event in the fiber analysis table

View settings used to acquire measurement Fiber Analysis Software

Work longer without recharge ndash up to 8 hours continuous use Rugged construction